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Specialized in Business Travel for 25 years, I have managed hundreds of events & travel in Paris and abroad.

Expertise, know-how and quality of service are the key words of my philosophy.
Planning, organization and coordination of projects is my passion.

Located in the center of Paris, I propose very specialized services for travel to the City of Lights.

Clients from different professional sectors, automobile industry, building, finance, luxury, bank & insurance, food industry, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, IT, consultancy, liberal professions, real estate… for whom I have done all types of events, meetings, seminars, business lunches or dinners, VIP evenings… all types of travels, motivation, business, leisure…



Perfectly organized events

I have had the pleasure to meet Caroline in my professional career when I was working in Events and Hospitality and organizing VIP weekends.
Caroline has always been very professional, leading our projects with enthusiasm and dedication, bringing great ideas and with a sense of details that really makes the difference.
My company’s expectations were really high but I was always confident and I fully relied on Caroline’s expertise. And above all, I really enjoyed our cooperation!
Our events took us to Montenegro, Salzburg, Prague: we had wonderful moments, unforgettable memories and all our guests were delighted.
I would recommend Caroline to anybody who wishes to have perfectly organized events!


A fantastic getaway in Lebanon

A huge thank you to Travels by Caroline and, to Caroline FUENTES-COLAS too, for our wonderful stay in Lebanon. The overall service was simply luxurious, both for the quality of the elected visited places, the hotel booked and the support of the agency Travels by Caroline as well as the erudite and nice local guide engaged. Caroline and Laurence have been able to sublimate this stay with their business skills and their cheerfulness. See you soon for new adventures at your side.

Jean-Baptiste BULLET

Fond memory

I keep from our weekend in Moscow a fond memory! How could you do as well as Saint Petersburg the year before?
Well, you have managed the impossible by the attention to the details of this trip: ideally located hotel in order to allow us a lot of walking and irreproachable visits!
Guides with different styles but professional, well cared and kind. Choice of diverse restaurants offering qualitative food. Very interesting choice of visits which allow us to discover by different ways, arrival drink on Red Square, concert in the evening at the basilica, and walking or metro discoveries, the wonderful places of Kremlin as well as other monuments and museums of the well restored and illuminated city of Moscow ; and above all the joyful and young atmosphere of this city that we didn’t expect !
Thank you again and congratulations to you not forgetting Laurence.

Micheline Martel

Wonderful Weekend in Moscow

I hurry to thank you for this wonderful WE in Moscow, everyone was delighted with this too short stay.
We could notice your professionalism because everything was well organized : visits, restaurants, hotel…
Thanks again and to another time.


Distinctive service

We have asked the agency Travels by Caroline to organize the Atlance Kick Off in January 2018. The objective was to gather our teams, welcome newcomers and celebrate good results! In conclusion, there was a consensus of all participants on the distinctive and innovative services proposed (chocolate workshop) and the choice of the venue. We had a wonderful evening in a merry and happy atmosphere!  Congratulations to Caroline to help us to the success of this evening.

Directeur Général Adjoint

Valuable and clear-sighted approach

During my professional career in event planning, I had many opportunities to choose to work with Caroline. She has always met my company’s demanding expectations.
During projects, her listening, analysis and professionalism provided a valuable and clear-sighted approach to the realization of our operations.

Marie Gauchet

Very professional

Caroline has worked for BTC for 7 years, as Technical Director. In addition to being very professional, her listening skills, her attention to details, her search for the original idea have highly contributed, during all these years, to the success of BTC.

Catherine Domange

sense of detail

I had the pleasure and the chance to count Caroline among my employees for 7 years from 2001 to 2008.
Caroline was an extremely organized and careful collaborator. She managed a team of 3 persons. Her qualities for management were obvious. Caroline was very appreciated by the members of her team. She instilled them with her sense of detail and control of the files, which was excellent training.
From a personal point of view, I really appreciated working with Caroline for her human skills. Always even-tempered in all circumstances, it was a real pleasure to read or to hear the complimentary and positive feedback from the clients.
Her ability to make safe choices on the recommendations to our clients and her special taste to choose the most beautiful places were always precious for us.

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